Ascension Industries Turnkey Manufacturing Facility

Ascension's Green Energy Product Development Facility Offers Turnkey Manufacturing For Your Product Concept

Design > Develop > Prototype > Manufacture

Efficiently Evolve Your Green Energy Project From Concept To Marketable Product In A Single Building!

Ascension Product Prototyping & Turnkey Manufacturing Expertise

Ascension Industries has over 35 yrs experience in product design, development, protoyping and manufacturing. We have successfully developed our own patented products and taken them to market, and we have also worked with many other large and small companies to successfully bring their product concepts to the marketplace.

We offer product prototyping and turnkey manufacturing expertise in a single building. We can help you take Your idea From concept to finished product, or use our expertise at any point in the development path to make sure that your product is designed for efficient manufacturing and durable service.

Ascension Turnkey Manufacturing Expertise:

  • Product Concept Review
  • Materials Selection & Product Design For Functionality & Durability In Service
  • Materials Selection & Product Design For Cost-Effective / Efficient Manufacture
  • Product Development or Redevelopment For Quality Assurance
  • Product Prototyping For Cost-Effective & Efficient Manufacture
  • Complex Equipment Assembly & Testing

Ascension Turnkey Manufacturing Services Offer You:

  • Dedicated Project Management, Expertise, & Skilled Manpower
  • Innovative Design Services With Quality Assurance At Every Process Stage
  • Instrumentation Expertise / PLC Programming & Testing Services
  • Skid Packaging & Assembly
  • Light & Heavy Manufacturing
  • Complete Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic... Assembly & Testing

Ascension Turnkey Manufacturing Benefits:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Reduced Production Losses & Wastage For Significant Manufacturing Cost Savings
  • Reduced Time To Market
  • Improved Product Functionality / Durability In Service
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction & Elevated Brand Image
  • Outside Storage with Heavy Lifting Capabilities



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