Ascension Industries has produced fuel cell and battery storage modules for major and start-up OEM's.

Product Prototyping & Turnkey Manufacturing For Green Energy Products

Ascension Industries is collaborating with The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) to offer expertise in decreasing developmental timelines and designing products for manufacturability. Click here to see Ascension Industries in the Member Spotlight.

The Ascension Green Energy Product Development Facility offers companies the ability to move from idea to finished product in a single building. Compared to the traditional multi-step/multi-facility approach to product development, this allows companies to develop their products faster, cheaper, and with lower ongoing fabrication costs.

As well as grid-scale energy storage technologies and fuel cell development, Ascension is currently helping a range of companies develop a number of green energy products - including projects in power generation, biomass conversion, bio-diesel and alternate fuel processing.

If you need help with design, development, or fabrication of your new product idea in the green energy sector - Contact Ascension Industries to talk with an expert, or to find out more about Ascension's Product Development Services.