Ascension Industries has produced fuel cell and battery storage modules for major and start-up OEM's.

Product Prototyping & Turnkey Manufacturing For Green Energy Products

Ascension Industries is collaborating with The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) to offer expertise in decreasing developmental timelines and designing products for manufacturability.

The Ascension Green Energy Product Development Facility offers companies the ability to move from idea to finished product in a single building. Compared to the traditional multi-step/multi-facility approach to product development, this allows companies to develop their products faster, cheaper, and with lower ongoing fabrication costs.

As well as grid-scale energy storage technologies and fuel cell development, Ascension is currently helping a range of companies develop a number of green energy products - including projects in power generation, biomass conversion, bio-diesel and alternate fuel processing.

If you need help with design, development, or fabrication of your new product idea in the green energy sector - Contact Ascension Industries to talk with an expert, or to find out more about Ascension's Product Development Services.